Sunday, April 24, 2011

Game Picks - Sunday: April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone! This picker had another successful day in his basket this morning. It wasn't fantastically successful like Friday, but it was a good day. Things started off great with four straight successful picks, but then there were four straight wrong picks. Props to Brad Penny for doing what this picker didn't think he could do. The Reds beat the Cards. Didn't see that coming. Lincecum wasn't as sharp and lost to the Braves. And props to Karstens for his great start. Livan is always an adventure to pick. This time, he gave up five runs in the first inning and that was that. It was a nice Pirates win, but led to a bad pick. The Houston and Phillies wins both came in extra innings to sink those picks. But the Rockies, Rangers, Red Sox and A's all did as expected and saved the day. Best of all, the Yankees romp over the Orioles brought the Games of the Day feature back to .500 after a horrible start. Reminiscent of the Red Sox and Bay Rays? Truly.

Easter Sunday features a full slate of games, but no make up games. Who knows when all those rain-outs will be rescheduled. Here's how the games should go:

  • The White Sox over the Tigers: There are several things going on here. First, the White Sox are due for a win after losing several in a row. Secondly, Danks has pitched well but has nothing to show for it. That has to change. And finally, Scherzer hasn't lost yet and that may change too.
  • The Blue Jays over the Bay Rays: The Blue Jays have hung in there despite slow starts from their pitching staff and some of their line up. If they want to have a good year, they have to beat good teams. Romero gives them a shot today against Shields, who has been very good too.
  • The Mets over the Diamondbacks: Galarraga is 3-0 despite an ERA over 6. Niese needs to have a good game at home. But this could be the Mets' fourth straight win. Bay has given them a lift.
  • The Rockies over the Marlins: Everything points to a Marlins win right? Josh Johnson has been unhittable. Ubaldo Jiminez has not started well. Yeah, but those are the games that always bite this picker in the butt. Ubaldo has a big game and wins.
  • The Yankees over the Orioles: Not exactly sure why with all the Yankees' day offs this week that they would still pitch Garcia. But it doesn't matter. The Yankees are simply the better team and beat Arrieta.
  • The Nationals over the Pirates: This game is way too close to call. Marquis and Correia are a virtual match in odds. But one of them has to win. Just beware that there is no confidence in this pick.
  • The Indians over the Twins: Carl is Pavanoing the Fan again. Pick him and he loses. Pick against him and he wins. Carl Freakin' Pavano. Sigh. Carrasco with the win.
  • The Brewers over the Astros: Two pitchers who pitched really well their last time out in Wolf and Wandy. Going with the home team. It just better not go into extra innings or the Brewers are sunk.
  • The Cubs over the Dodgers: The Dodgers have had their way early in this series. And Kuroda is a really good pitcher. But Zambrano rises to the occasion and gets it done at home.
  • The Rangers over the Royals: Somebody on Twitter said that this wasn't a good park for the Royals' pitchers. That's proven to be the case. And the Rangers are impervious to quality left-handed pitching. Wilson over Chen.
  • The Angels over the Red Sox: The Red Sox are playing like we all expected before the season started. Lackey is still the weak link. But for this pick to come true, Matt Palmer has to win. Whoo boy. The Fan must be crazy.
  • The Giants over the Braves: There are whispers that Chipper's knee is hurting. Not good news for the Braves. Nor is a Sanchez/Beachy match up.
  • The Athletics over the Mariners: Anderson is really good. Fister is not off to a good start. The A's over the M's.
  • The Cardinals over the Reds: Westbrook needs a good start. The Reds haven't announced a starter yet. Is that some Dusty gamesmanship after LaRussa pulled that rain delay stunt the other day? Or does Dusty simply have a bunch of bad options? Going with the latter.

And the Game of the Day:

  • The Phillies over the Padres: Halladay bounces back from a human start and LeBlanc is an emergency starter for the Padres with an ERA over 7 in Triple A so far. The only thing is that LeBlanc is a lefty, which could help him.

Yesterday: 9-6
Last Week: 57-38
Month: 167-135
Season: 167-135
Games of the Day: 12-12

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