Sunday, May 08, 2011

Why Is That Shortstop at the Top of the Order?

So why is this shortstop hitting at the top of the batting order? He's only batting .256. His on base percentage is only .310 and he's shown no power. His ISO is sitting at .077. What's he doing at the top of the order? Isn't that stupid? Why does his manager cater to him like that? Shouldn't the manager care more about his team winning than keeping his player happy? He hit into another double-play on Saturday, you say. Don't blame you a bit for your reaction. It is rather silly.

Oh! Did you think that first paragraph was about Derek Jeter? Apologies. No. That paragraph was about Elvis Andrus. Or it could be about Hanley Ramirez, whose ISO is sitting at .078 with an on base percentage of .304.

Again, sorry to disappoint you. It's plain to see that you came here hoping to feast on more of Jeter's hide. The Fan understands. It's the popular thing to do. Let's just sit tight and see how the season plays out, shall we?

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Daniel Aubain said...

Well played, Tasker. Well played, indeed!