Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BBA General Chapter Official Willie Mays Award Ballot

Your favorite Fan seems like an unlikely choice to be the president of such a fine group of writers who make up the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. But so it is and as such, it is a pleasure to announce our chapter's official ballot for the Willie Mays Award. The Willie Mays Award is awarded each year by the Alliance to the American League and National League's best rookies.

This year saw an amazing array of new talent as a new emphasis on young players. That wide array seemed to manifest itself in an extremely tight voting race from the General Chapter for the American League. No less than four rookies in the American League garnered multiple first place votes among the chapter.

The National League--on the other hand--was a complete runaway with one pitcher running away with the vote.

Here is the General Chapter's official results:

As you can see, Craig Kimbrel appeared on 25 ballots and Eric Hosmer appeared on 21. This president appreciates all the time and effort General Chapter members made in voting. Few of us get paid for this and their time is appreciated. Please appreciate them too. Participating sites are listed below.

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance will announce its official award announcement in a couple of days. Our general chapter's ballot will be cast as one block vote.

Flagrant Fan 

On the last ballot post (The Connie Mack Awards), the votes tallied included Through the Fence Baseball. Their site was omitted from the list of participating sites. Huge apologies. Hopefully no one was forgotten this time.

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