Saturday, October 15, 2011

Official BBA Goose Gossage Award General Chapter Ballot

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is an organization of baseball writers from around the country and around the world. Every October each of the BBA's chapters vote on the various BBA post season awards. The General Chapter is made up of writers not focused on a single team in their writing. This Fan is proud to be the president of the General Chapter, not because the title means anything in the grand scheme of things, but there is great pleasure being a part of so many talented people.

Part of those presidential duties is to compile the chapters votes and then cast a block vote based on those votes. The block vote then gets combined with votes from the BBA's other chapters to lead to the winner of this year's award. Today's award ballot is for the Goose Gossage Award considering the best relief pitchers in the American and National Leagues. The award is not limited to closers.

What follows is the results of the chapter votes compiled and thus our official ballot The point system is five points for first place votes, three points for a second and one point for a third:

The following General Chapter sites voted:

Flagrant Fan 
Cheap Seats Please 

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