Thursday, October 13, 2011

BBA Link Fest - Generally Speaking

October is a busy time in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Between voting on the BBA's various awards, keeping our sites busy, watching playoff baseball and the soap opera that has become the Boston Red Sox, our folks are busy. They are also busy writing great posts. Every Thursday, this site posts a rundown of links of the week's best from our general chapter. Enjoy.

For a great start, check out Eugene Tierney's take on the Cubs getting Theo Eptein over at 85% Sports.

Through the Fence Baseball has a great article by Dan Kirby on the Legend of Tony Plush. Great read.

But Kenn Olson of Going Yard thinks that Tony Plush Should Hush.

Sooze over at Babes Love Baseball riffs on a Bud Norris take on Brian Wilson's commercials career.

Thrilled by the Brewers win in Game One of their series with the Cardinals, Daniel waited for the other shoe to drop. It has. Check out his post on Ball Caps Blog.

Sully is like the Emperor of new groove fame saying, "Bring it on," to the possibility of the Yankees getting David Ortiz as a DH. Sully Baseball is a fun place. And check out Sully's new video here.

It's not baseball related, but The Sports Banter has a feature called The Monday Mullet that is hilarious.

Baseball Franchise Rankings ponders 100-game winners after watching the Phillies exit the playoffs.

Ken Marcum over at The Baseball Hall of Shame talks about an open letter to baseball general managers.

FH waxes fine prose on the beauty of baseball over at Baseballism.

Replacement Level Baseball Blog had two terrific championship series previews. It's fun to see how things are working out compared to the great previews. You can read one of them here.

This writer is in awe of J-Doug over at Rational Pastime. Look at those charts and you'll see why.

Jason Wojciechowski takes on baseball reporting (to great effect) over at The Platoon Advantage. And congrats to The Common Man who added an uncommon baby to their household.

The Fan absolutely loves Robbie Clark's reporting of John and Suzyn on Twitter and on her Baseblawg site. Hysterical.

Aaron Somers writes the best post-season awards posts. Check out this one on the best pitchers of the year over at Blogging From the Bleachers.

The Arizona Fall League is a darn cool yearly occurrence that few of us hear about since it happens during the playoffs. It's a good thing then that Blaine Blontz keeps us up to date over at Call to the Pen.

Che Palle is one of our overseas sites in Italy and MSalvini is excited about an upcoming visit to Parma by Prince Fielder. Your browser will need to translate the site.

Matt Whitener over at Cheap.Seats.Please. does a great job of sizing up the rookie class of 2011. Excellent.

In a wonderful post, Taylor over at Crack of the Bat shows us how Terry Francona should have handled September.

How can you not like a site called, Old Time Family Baseball? Here is their take on the Cardinals winning Game Three of the NLCS.

MTD is such a hoot. This Fan would read his "nonsense" any day of the week. Check out his rookie picks over at Off Base Percentage.

MLB Reports has a great article on Adam Dunn and Alex Rios this week. A great read.

Jonathan Mitchell wonders if Brandon Phillips just had a "career year" in this great post over at MLB Dirt.

If you're sitting at home or work and wonder what time the ALCS or NLCS game is each day, look no further than this handy post over at Michael Holloway's Baseball Blogs.

Major League A-holes' Peter Verniere asks some great questions regarding how Theo Epstein will change the Chicago Cubs.

A super post over at Left Field thinks about why we root for the teams we root for.

If you a fan of trivia, you just have to check out Theo's post over at Hot Corner Harbor with post season trivia questions! Yay!

The Fan's wife fell in love with Yankee fans doing the "roll call" out in the right field bleachers. She will be greatly sad to know that the leader of that daily event has called it a career. The Hall of Very Good has the sad details.

One of the newest members of the Alliance is Grubby Glove and this Fan has to tell you, this site features awesome writing. Check out this post called "What's Wrong With This Card."

Ah, The Golden Sombrero. You caused this writer bloody fingertips this week. But it was so worth it. What started it all? This post.

Alex Rodriguez is always a fascinating topic. The Baseball Index has the latest on A-Rod's new life coach.

Did you miss the For Baseball Junkies' sum up of the Cardinals - Phillies NLDS? Then you missed some really good stuff.

Our German site, Dugout 24, gives us the three greatest moments in World Series history.

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