Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Game Picks - Wednesday: October 12, 2011

What was this bonehead picker thinking picking against Doug Fister at home? What an idiot, right? And nice falling for the Colby Lewis playoff mystique thing. Yeah, right. Doug Fister was simply amazing last night. He consistently ran his sinker into the Rangers' right-handed batters and just ask Adrian Beltre as he hobbles by you just how effective that was. And Fister never hurts himself by walking people. Love the guy...absolutely love the way he pitches. The Yankees should give Ivan Nova and A.J. Burnett a video package of Fister for Christmas. Now that's how you get it done.

And so the Tigers have new life in the series. Victor Martinez is a question mark as he hurt himself on that home run swing. Adrian Beltre may have a bad bruise, but the V-Mart injury is more troublesome to the Tigers since it involves V-Marts musculature. The ALCS and the NLCS could be very exciting indeed.

Let's look at Wednesday's contests:

  • The Rangers over the Tigers: After a day of rest, the Rangers will again have Alexi Ogando and Mike Adams ready in the bullpen if Matt Harrison falters. Rick Porcello can be very good but you have to like the Rangers' chances of getting some runs in this game. And again, there is questions about V-Mart's health. If he can't go, the Rangers simply walk Cabrera every time up.

  • The Brewers over the Cardinals: Obviously, Chris Carpenter came up huge against the Phillies to end that series. But the Phillies offense turned out to be seriously flawed. The Brewers' line up from one to five can run circles around the Phillies line up. Yovani Gallardo will need a couple of runs early to quiet the crowd so he can pitch his own game. This picker loves the way he's been throwing this post season and he could be tougher on the Cardinals than Carpenter can be on the Brewers. Tough game to call with the Cardinals at home, but the pick is the Brewers with big innings early off Carpenter.

Yesterday: 0-1
Week: 2-2
Month: 14-9
Season: 1377-1074

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