Sunday, October 09, 2011

Official BBA General Chapter Connie Mack Award Results

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is a wonderful organization of baseball writers around the world. The Alliance is split into several chapters. Chapters include team chapters, a fantasy baseball chapter, a history chapter and the chapter of generalists, those of us baseball writers that write general sites not devoted to one particular team. Your host on this site is the president of the general chapter and as such was tasked with compiling our chapter's votes for the BBA's various post season awards. This Fan is pleased to present the general chapter's official ballot for the Connie Mack Award, presented to the top managers in the National and American Leagues.

American League

The voting in the American League was a bit more varied than in the National League. But in the end, we have a clear cut winner. The votes went as following:
Maddon to be sure benefited by reputation and for the Bay Rays' late run to squeak into the playoffs on the last day of the season.

The National League was a runaway though more managers got votes. Here is the final NL tally for the general chapter:
Votes were cast by the following general chapter sites. Do yourself a favor and visit these good writers and their fine sites.

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