Friday, October 14, 2011

Game Picks - Friday: October 14, 2011

Randy Wolf sure made this picker look stupid, didn't he? What an amazing effort and surprise. Of course, for the Brewers, Wolf's big game couldn't have come at a better time as the Brewers would have been in a heap of trouble if they had let the series get to 3-1. Instead the thing is knotted up at 2-2 and no matter what happens, the series will end in Milwaukee and that's good news for the Brewers.

Over in the ALCS, Justin Verlander gave a determined and gritty performance doing what the Tigers needed him to do to keep the Tigers alive for another day. He gave up four runs in eight and a third and pitched 133 pitches. It wasn't real pretty but it was better than C.J. Wilson. Talk what you will about that baseball hitting the third base bag as being bad luck for the pitcher, but there were plenty of other base runners to go along with that one. Wilson came up empty in two ALCS starts which isn't going to help his free agency cause any.

As with any post season, there have been some surprise performers. What Nelson Cruz is doing is understandable considering his amazing power. But Delmon Young? Ask any Twins' fans what they think of Delmon Young and you'll get an earful. But here he is with four post season homers. And Jerry Hairston, Jr.!? Perhaps more on him later in the day.

The wins by the Brewers and the Tigers guarantee that both series will go at least six games, and you can't ask more if you want playoff drama. It's simply too bad the ALCS has to suffer along with the broadcast team of Buck and McCarver. Buck has become a drone with little inflection in his offering and McCarver is simply a guy that baseball has passed by.

The Tigers and Rangers head for Arlington and have the day off. But the Cardinals and Brewers will square off again today in St. Louis. The series has become a best of three series that favors the Brewers as two of those games will be in Milwaukee. Here's how today will go:

  • The Brewers over the Cardinals: Zack Greinke has been sort of a non-entity in this post season. He hasn't hung around very long and though he has a couple of wins to his name, he hasn't really pitched well. The thing is, he is capable of shutting down any team at any time and that's what this picker thinks will happen tonight. Jaime Garcia has also become a four or five inning pitcher in the post season. Other than being left-handed, his stuff looks flat and he's run into bad innings in almost every outing. And face it, the Cardinal bullpen has to be on fumes at this point. Randy Wolf gave the Brewers' bullpen a rest so K-Rod and Axford only had to pitch an inning a piece. Advantage, Brewers. Game, Brewers.

Yesterday: 1-1
Week: 4-4
Month: 16-11
Season: 1374-1076

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