Saturday, October 22, 2011

Official BBA General Chapter Ballot for Stan Musial Awards

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is an organization of baseball writers around the country and around the world. The alliance is split into chapters based on teams affiliations, fantasy baseball writers, historians, etc. Your host for this site is the president of the General Chapter which features writers who are generalists. In other words, we don't write about any one team (though we may root for one). Each year, the BBA encourages its member sites to vote on the various BBA awards handed out in October. Awards already announced have included the Willie Mays Award (top rookies), the Connie Mack Award (top managers), the Goose Gossage Award (top relievers) and the Walter Johnson Award (top pitchers). The last award on our agenda is the Stan Musial Award which is awarded to each league's top players. After polling General Chapter members, this is the General Chapter's official Stan Musial Award ballot which is cast as a block vote. Much thanks goes to all General Chapter members who worked hard to make this ballot possible.

Here is our vote:

As you can see (if you can't, simply click on the pictures above to make them larger), Matt Kemp got the top spot in the National League and Jose Bautista won our top spot in the American League. Kemp was on the most ballots in the NL while Curtis Granderson was on the most ballots in the AL.

The following sites voted. Please visit their sites often as they are terrific.

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Jonathan C. Mitchell said...

I am a bit confused. Granderson got 25 votes which means 25 ballots were cast. Bautista only had 23 and Ellsbury had 21? Two people left Bautista completely off and 4 left Ellsbury off? Same happened in NL ballot with Kemp getting 23 and Braun 21. Were there half ballots? Ballots with only Granderson at the top?

J-Doug said...

Curious as to who voted V-Mart #1 and why.

Jonathan C. Mitchell said...

This guy:

Surprisingly, I think he lives in Jacksonville. He explains why he voted for V-Mart.

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Yes. Not everyone colors within the lines. Directions were specific but the results varied. And so it went.

J-Doug said...

Yeah, wasn't criticizing, just curious.

Jonathan C. Mitchell said...

I'd like to know who left Bautista and Ellsbury off of their 10-deep ballots. It's inexcusable.