Thursday, April 26, 2012

BBA Linkfest - General celebrations

Baseball season is in full swing and the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance is as well. There they are, around the world, cranking out content to their heart's content. As this site does each Thursday (well, almost since last week was on overslept day), links of the best of their work is presented to you for your linkage pleasure. And it is a pleasure to read these authors. Give a click, won't you? And continue to enjoy the best season of the year.

Lets start it off with Replacement Level Baseball Blog. There is always good content at this site. The author in this piece introduces a very interesting way at looking at pitching called the True Season Score. Fascinating stuff.

The author of The Sports Banter went to a Mets game and includes that event in observations for the week.

Sully of Sully Baseball introduces us to Robbie Ross. Don't know who that is? Find out from the always entertaining Sully.

Martin Marrufo of Through the Fence Baseball sifts through the poor start by the Angels. Good stuff.

Jonathan Dyer of the X-Log provides the most entertaining post of the week with a translation of common baseball cliche. Love this kind of stuff.

85% Sports had a big week previewing the NFL draft, but among that large project was this offering by Eugene Tierney on this year's power rankings, 85% Sports style.

Ryan Sendek takes some time out from his always terrific analysis at Analysis Around the Horn, to review a baseball video game he really enjoys. Whet the appetite, it did.

Sooze of Babes Love Baseball takes a look at a recent Chris Perez fine, a first in this social media age. Oh, and click the site's banner to take you back to the home page to view a picture of our Sooze wearing her favorite baseball shirt.

The author of The Ball Caps Blog spent a night with the Modesto Nuts. If that sentence doesn't provoke a click, who knows what it will take.

Has this feature not told you that Stevo-sama of The Baseball Enthusiast writes the best baseball recaps ever? Here is another example.

Baseball Unrated celebrates a perfect game. Yes, indeed.

FHPromos of Baseballism gets to say, "I told you so." Excellent. Hint: it is about a Rangers' pitcher.

Carlos Beltran wins Justin Jabs' third Emma Award. Check it out on Baseblog.

Aubrey Huff always seemed like a fun guy. But Blaine Blontz of Call to the Pen details the player's recent struggles.

Mario Salvini of Che Palle! celebrates his country's Alex Liddi as he should.

Ivan Rodriguez retired this week. And that's a sad thing. But Matt Whitener of Cheap.Seats.Please. properly celebrates his career.

Robert Andino has lost his smile. Crum-Bum Beat shows the progression. Love the heading too.

TheNaturalMevs of Diamond Hoggers has the honor of the post of the week. It's all about the seat of one of the most imfamous baseball fans in history. Superb stuff.

Dugout 24 celebrates the oldest winning pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball. Yes.

The OCP gives us tasty headlines of April baseball over at For Baseball Junkies.

The Baseball Index gives us a great breakdown of Jarrod Parker's first start for the A's.

The Golden Sombrero declared the other day as Phil Humber Day at that site. Check out the other gifs concerning the event as well.

In a post that went viral, The Hall of Very Good shows us a singer that shouldn't be exposing those pipes to baseball.

Theo calls his thoughts on David Wright, "meandering." But they are quite cogent in his Hot Corner Harbor piece.

Left Field has the ultimate and best analysis of that controversial triple play last week. A must read from a guy who knows what he is talking about.

Major League ***holes has an All Star Ballot Fail post.

Jonathan Mitchell of MLB Dirt gives us great information on some lesser known prospects having hot starts.

In a very thought out post, Bryan Sheehan of MLB Reports presents the five best center fielders in baseball and ranks them.

Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog has some thoughts on the Seattle Mariners.

Chris Papas of NumberOneBaseball compares Wilt Chamberlain and Babe Ruth. Interesting.

Old Time Family Baseball celebrates the oldest living baseball player. Rightfully so!

Mark Zell has a great article in which he compares the Cardinals to the Royals over at Pop Fly Boys.

And last, but certainly never the least, The Platoon Advantage has lots of great stuff including a scathing post by TCM on Pedro Gomez (also featured by this writer over at It's About the Money, Stupid). But this post by Chris St. John tickled the interest the most this week.

Have a great week everyone.

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