Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Game Picks - Wednesday: April 25, 2012

Yesterday's picks had the feel of a professional wrestling bout. After the Marlins, Tigers, Yankees, Blue Jays, Royals and Giants lost, the bout stood at 2-6 and things looked grim indeed. But just like the blonde crowd favorite in the gleaming tights, the picks got off the mat at ran off seven straight correct picks to finish the night, 9-6. How's that for a metaphor? The several takeaways from last night are: Wow, Yu Darvish is good. Wow, Tommy Milone is good. And lastly: Wow, Cardinal fans get really mad on Twitter when their team loses. Whooboy.

One site note: These picks will now link the players to their Brooks Baseball cards. How cool is that?

There are sixteen big games on the schedule today including one double-header between the Rockies and Pirates. That's a lot of baseball. And no, this picker is not complaining. Here are Wednesday's picks: 

  • The Pirates over the Rockies: Double-headers are so hard to predict. Both games feature pitchers that could have great nights or just as easily get their butts kicked. In the first game, James McDonald seems the more solid pick over Juan Nicasio
  • The Pirates over the Rockies: Yeah, a Pirates sweep. That's a scary thought, eh? But Charlie Morton could come up big at home and Jhoulys Chacin is unpredictable. 
  • The Brewers over the Astros: The Brewers are at home. Shaun Marcum has been pitching much better. The team is hitting much betters. It all spells trouble for J.A. Happ and the Astros. 
  • The Cardinals over the Cubs: Lance Lynn has been terrific and should handcuff the Cubbies for six or seven innings. And besides, this picker is giving up on Chris Volstad. 
  • The White Sox over the Athletics: Chris Sale should have little trouble with the A's lineup. lists Tommy Milone as the A's starter. Um, unless he can pitch two nights in a row, that isn't possible. Seems like it is supposed to be Jarrod Parker making his season debut. 
  • The Phillies over the Diamondbacks: In their last ten innings of play, the Phillies matched their season total for extra base hits. That's good news for Cole Hamels, who will only need a couple of runs to win. Trevor Cahill goes for the D-backs. 
  • The Royals over the Indians: The stubbornness of a picker who insists on picking the Royals to end their losing streak, knows no bounds. Luke Hochevar over Ubaldo Jimenez
  • The Mariners over the Tigers: Losing Doug Fister was a big blow for the Tigers. Adam Wilk simply gives up too many hits so that even the Mariners should benefit. Plus, Felix Hernandez goes for the M's. 
  • The Blue Jays over the Orioles: Keep waiting for the Orioles to crash and they won't. Jason Hammel has been great. But this picker keeps expecting a big game from Jose Bautista. Perhaps tonight is the night. Kyle Drabek needs to limit the walks though. 
  • The Angels over the Bay Rays: The only time the Angels seem to win is when C.J. Wilson pitches and it's his turn tonight. Jeremy Hellickson is no slouch though. Tough game to pick. 
  • The Marlins over the Mets: The Miami Marlins are officially the toughest team to pick in the majors. They fluster the heck out of this picker. Going with them on this night because Mark Buehrle was great last time out and R.A. Dickey was not. Looking for a bomb or two from the Marlins' lineup. 
  • The Reds over the Giants: Two homer-prone pitchers in Bronson Arroyo and Barry Zito. Since the pitching seems equal, going with the better offense of the Reds. 
  • The Rangers over the Yankees: Unfortunately, there is no confidence here in Phil Hughes. Secondly, Scott Feldman gets a start and he's a guy this picker has always believed in. 
  • The Red Sox over the Twins: Boy, did Bobby Valentine need this series against the Twins or what? Clay Buchholz over young Liam Hedricks. David Ortiz is on fire. 
  • The Braves over the Dodgers: Kept going back and forth on this one. Brandon Beachy is terrific. But Ted Lilly is good too and the Dodgers are at home. Going with Beachy. 

And the Game of the Day! 

  • The Nationals over the Padres: Don't worry, Jordan Zimmermann, you keep pitching great and sooner or later, you'll win. Like tonight, for example. Joe Wieland goes for the Padres. 

Yesterday: 9-6 
Week; 24-13 
Season: 148-111 
Games of the Day: 13-6

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