Thursday, April 26, 2012

Game Picks - Thursday: April 26, 2012

Another late surge of correct picks saved earlier miscues and ended yesterday's tally at ten correct picks in sixteen attempts. Jason Hammel continues to baffle the American League and future picks will have to look at his match ups more closely. Lance Lynn continues to sparkle for the Cardinals. Phil Hughes continues to struggle for the Yankees. Picking for and against those two pitchers helped the day. Sticking with the Braves and their hot streak paid off again. As did sticking with the amazing Washington Nationals. And after picking the Royals for three straight days, they finally won a game. Way to go, Kansas City.

Today is our first short list of scheduled games this season. There are only eight games on the schedule and five of them are day games. Here is how they should go:

  • The Royals over the Indians: Now that the Royals have won a game for the first time in two weeks, let's get our giddy out and pick them to win two in a row. Luis Mendoza gets his sinker straightened out and beats another sinker-ball pitcher in Josh Tomlin.
  • The Reds over the Giants: Two struggling pitchers in Ryan Vogelsong and Homer Bailey. Bailey was pretty darned good in his last outing against the Cubs. Neither pitcher has done well facing the opposing team. So going with the Reds at home and based on Bailey's last outing.
  • The Tigers over the Mariners: It is unknown what to expect from Hector Noesi. He was good once sandwiched around two awful starts. Rick Porcello seems focused and improved this season. Going that way.
  • The Angels over the Bay Rays: Color this picker stupid, but the Angels have to bust out some time. Matt Moore hasn't been as dominant as expected. And Jerome Williams was very good his last time out. If he can get the Rays to beat the ball on the ground, he could win.
  • The Mets over the Marlins: Things might get messy in Miami if the team keeps losing. Ricky Nolasco has looked pretty good. But Jonathan Niese has looked even better.
  • The Blue Jays over the Orioles: What has happened to the Blue Jays' offense? It has been nonexistent. Perhaps Brian Matusz can help. The poor kid has lost like his last ten decisions in a row and is already 0-3 this season. Why are the Orioles setting this kid up to fail? Perhaps they know something we don't. Drew Hutchinson goes for the Blue Jays. He wasn't great his first outing in the big leagues, but he hung in there and got a win. Maybe he'll be better this time.
  • The White Sox over the Red Sox: This picker wonders how pitchers fare after perfect games over the course of history. Humber will have to be really good to beat the Red Sox. Felix Doubront is doing well too. Interesting pick.
And the Game of the Day!

  • The Nationals over the Padres: Edwin Jackson seems to be on the every other game plan. This is the good turn. And against the Padres, it should be. Edinson Volquez goes for the Padres and he's yet to win a start this season.
Yesterday: 10-6
Week: 34-19
Season: 158-117
Games of the Day: 14-6

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