Thursday, May 10, 2012

BBA Linkfest - Rainy day generals

Welcome to another Thursday edition of the BBA Linkfest where this site features baseball writing from around the General Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. The fun part about doing this every week is that several of the fine writers of these sites have become friends and that is humbling and appreciated. Humbling because these are terrific writers. You too will come to appreciate these folks if you vote with your mouse clicks and take this tour of very fine links from writers around the world. Enjoy.

We'll start at the top (alphabetically) this time with one exception:

The exception is one of our newest members, Full Spectrum Baseball. The site is new to the generals but its founders have been friends for a long time. Feel terrible here because they have been forgotten in previous weeks because the roster or list on the BBA site has not been updated since they joined. The site features several writers and it really is a full spectrum of fantasy and other general articles of interest. Check out this weekly feature that gives fantasy players a weekly planner for starting pitchers. Terrific.

One of the best stories this season have been the early contention of the Washington Nationals. In an excellent post, Russ Blatt of 85% Sports tells us how the team was built.

Babes Love Baseball speculated on baseball without Mariano Rivera. Hard to even think about. 

As its writer prepares for his four-day drive east for his new job (congrats!) The Ball Caps Blog relives the glory of Josh Hamilton's four-homer game and reminds us of another time when a player did that in Baltimore.

Has this compiler mentioned yest that Stevo-sama writes the best baseball recaps ever? Check out his latest at The Baseball Enthusiast.

Baseball Unrated contrasts catchers with husbands. If you think that sounds as nuts as it is, check it out!

Justin Jabs of Baseblog gives us a romping recap of the best game he has ever witnessed live. Terrific read.

The always reliable Call to the Pen features an always reliable Blaine Blontz who tells us that the Angels are scouring the earth for relief pitchers.

Che Palle! and its writer, Mario Salvini has a nice article this week on Adam Jones.

Matt Whitener of the excellent Cheap.Seats.Please. compares Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton. Which would you take?

Dizzy Valance of the Crum-Bum Beat has a truly terrific post on the growing legend of Billy Hamilton. The guy has the perfect name for a ballplayer and this post is a treat.

Diamond Hoggers has a fine recap of a recent Reds game. The only thing that slightly ruined the post was that picture of Dusty Baker. Well, if printed, at least it would make a good dartboard. heh.

Dugout 24 has a post on Josh Hamilton's four-homer game from a European perspective.

For Baseball Junkies has a well-written post as a rebuttal of the Cole Hamels incident told from the perspective of a Phillies fan.

The Baseball Index has a very fine post about Daniel Murphy and compares him to other "singles machines" across time. Great stuff and well documented.

Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero has living proof that Ian Desmond can go vertical. Amazing!

How could you not love Ozzie Smith, the Cardinals' Hall of Fame shortstop. Grubby Glove pulls out his favorite Ozzie Smith baseball card. Agree completely.

The always fascinating The Hall of Very Good has the post of the week as the Mets and MCA sort of go hand in hand.

Hot Corner Harbor speculates on the 500-homer club and thinks it will become a rarity again. Super post.

Left Field is given two links this week because you shouldn't miss either one. They are the all-time teams for both Chicago teams. The White Sox here and the Cubs here.

Speaking of the White Sox, Major League A**holes thinks this year's team is a major tease.

Andrew Martin of MLB Dirt interviews Kevin Munson, an up and coming reliever in the Diamondbacks system that may see some action on the big club soon.

Ryan Ritchey has a fine post over at MLB Reports this week and says that the Red Sox are falling apart. Though this compiler is not sure the right verb tense of "falling" was used. Heh.

Nik of Niktig's Baseball Blog gives us his list of AL and NL all-stars through the first thirty games.

Old Time Family Baseball has some of the most fun stuff in all of baseball. In this entry, the speed of Andrew McCutchen is celebrated.

Geoff Ratliff of the Pop Fly Boys has a great post on why the Dodgers rotation is better than the Giants rotation.

Absolutely loved this post by Bill of The Platoon Advantage on six things he didn't know before. Superb. Would of included TCM's fun post on the crimes of Jon Heyman, but he left this compiler out since he always ignores this compiler. Heh.

When this season started, it was said that there were six great American League teams. Replacement Level Baseball Blog says that is down to two. And proves it.

Sully of Sully Baseball fame can't figure out the Mets and says neither can you. He is right. Try picking their games every day.

Eric Aron has this compiler's personal favorite post this week over at Through the Fence Baseball using Jered Weaver's no-hitter to talk about Bo Belinsky. Bo Belinsky!! 

Okay, that lasted about five minutes as Mike Demerges has a fantastic interview of Ron Guidry, one of this compiler's favorite players of all time. Thank you, X-Log!!!

Larry again lets @LadyWezen write a terrific post over at Wezen-ball on what the Beastie Boys teach us about baseball. Great read.

That's the round up this week. Have a great week, folks.

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