Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Wonderkind

Remember a couple of years ago when Joba Chamberlain was first called up to the Yankees and the buzz that was created by his heroics? That same kind of buzz is surrounding a new pitcher by the name of Neftali Feliz, who has provided the Rangers with a huge lift in relief.

According to the scouts, he has two A-plus pitches, a hundred mile an hour fastball and a curve that is thrown so hard and has such a biting break that the batters don't seem to have a chance. He's now pitched in four games for a total of 6.2 innings. He's given up one hit, a homer, no walks and has struck out 13. Wow!

It's early in his young career, but he sure has made an early impression. To see what he's all about, click this link and see for yourself. It's quite amazing.


J Fish said...

That kid sure can pitch. Impressive.

William said...

Hey, J Fish! Welcome to the FanDome.