Friday, August 21, 2009

Wonder What Halladay Is Thinking

Do you think Roy Halladay is a "what if" kind of guy? Do you think he ponders what it would be like if he was pitching for the Phillies right now instead of Cliff Lee? Lee is doing his Sabathia impression as he is now 4-0 with his new team with an ERA lower than one. That could have been Halladay.

And the thing is, the Phillies will have an exciting October. Lee will be having the time of his life as he rides the roller coaster of fan hysteria and overall excitement. Halladay, meanwhile, will be toiling in vain to a half-empty Skydome. Halladay has a real shot at a Cy Young, but that is small consolation for a pitcher who could be ruling the universe like Lee is now.

Halladay is a much better pitcher than Lee. And it seems apparent that it is easier to pitch in the National League than in the American League, especially since half of Halladay's games come against the AL East--the cell phone equivalent of a dead zone for pitchers. That could be Halladay with the Phillies getting high fives from Howard and the gang. It could have been Halladay's shot at the sun and the acclaim he so richly deserves.

Do you think Halladay is thinking that could have been him? Is he that kind of guy? The Fan was rooting for Halladay to stay with the Blue Jays for their fans' sake. But now the Fan is just feeling bad for the guy.

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eyebleaf said...

I don't feel bad for Halladay. I can't. B/C I want him to be here. But I definitely think he's thinking "what if?" It looks like he'll be gone in the summer. It looks like something's changed.