Saturday, July 31, 2010

Game Picks - Saturday: July 31, 2010

The month of July is ending the way it started with a whole bunch of mediocrity. That's two days in a row now with the picks ending up only one game over .500. Suddenly, this picker has become the Marlins. How about that Cubs pick eh? Heck, that one was only off by 16 runs. The Rockies scored 12 runs in one inning. Melvin Mora came up to pinch hit in the inning and ended up batting twice (he got a hit both times). Would have loved to see Piniella's face during that mess. It was sort of ironic how J. A. Happ pitched a gem for the Astros while Oswalt was beat up by the Nationals.

But today is the last day of the month and no matter what happens, enough good stuff happened in the month to make it successful. So let's finish it out:

- The Blue Jays over the Indians: Cecil over Westbrook. The Indians were hot for a while but no more.
- The Dodgers over the Giants: Billingsley looked good last time out. Zito will bend but not break. But he will bend enough for this game.
- The Reds over the Braves: Arroyo over Jurrjens. This pick should hold up unless Heyward hits three more doubles.
- The Tigers over the Red Sox: The Tigers finally won a game because the Red Sox stopped hitting. Scherzer over Matsuzaka.
- The Phillies over the Nationals: Blanton versus Detwiler. Detwiler has an 0-1 record with an 0.00 ERA. Now that's hard to do.
- The Astros over the Brewers: Wandy is back and pitching well. He goes against Bush and should win.
- The White Sox over the Athletics: Want to pick Braden and the A's, but the White Sox may not lose again for the rest of the year the way they are going.
- The Diamondbacks over the Mets: The Mets keep bouncing Takahashi between the rotation and the bullpen. That can't be good.
- The Twins over the Mariners: The Fan keeps picking King Felix and he keeps losing. Tired of putting that finger in the electrical outlet.
- The Yankees over the Bay Rays: Vazquez is brilliant as long as Posada isn't catching. Garza is pitching for the Bay Rays and every pitcher this year who has thrown a no-hitter has struggled the next game.
- The Pirates over the Cardinals: Suppon versus McCutchen. At least McCutchen has the stuff to win.
- The Cubs over the Rockies: Okay, the Fan has made fun of Gorzelanny all year, but every pick against him has bit the Fan. What the heck.
- The Marlins over the Padres: Nolasco should be much better than Correia.
- The Rangers over the Angels: Not fun picking Feldman anymore. But thinking Haran will struggle in his first time out for the Angels.

And the Game of the Day

- The Royals over the Orioles: Greinke was bad his last time out. Thinking he bounces back in this one.

Yesterday: 8-7
Week: 49-32
Month: 225-147
Season: 884-642
Games of the Day: 55-45

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