Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some Quick Observations

With nothing else penetrating the deep mind of the Fan, or perhaps due to too little sleep over the last week, post ideas seem a little shriveled tonight. With no clear cut ideas at hand, how about some quick observations before the Fan hits the sack:

  • Francisco Cervelli has 22 hits in his last 121 at bats going back to the end of May. That's a .182 un-hot streak. His OBP during that time is .227. Yuck.
  • Robinson Cano has cooled off as well from a torrid start. The big difference? Luck. His BABIP in July was .258 and it's .286 in August. If he can just get that back to .300, he'll finish strong.
  • Man, has K-Rod really screwed up or what? It's tough when good players make bad decisions.
  • Getting Jhonny Peralta for a pennant run is one thing but being stuck with him after falling out of the race? Brutal. He's batting .196 since joining the Tigers and he's had to play nine games at short. Ugh.
  • The Padres have played 117 games and the same five starters have started 115 of them. Those starters average just under six innings per game putting three innings every night into the hands of the bullpen. The Padres have five relievers with more than 40 appearances and Ryan Webb has 39.
  • The Fan has made fun of Gorzelanny in the past, but he never really sucks when he pitches. He's a fighter and keeps the Cubs in games. They just don't win enough of them.
  • The Marlins have to be one of the most frustrating teams on the planet. Their pitchers all look great one outing and stink up the joint the next. Volstad threw a shutout last time and got beat badly by the Pirates, a team that had lost seven in a row entering the game.
  • And yes, Hanley Ramirez is still batting lead off. What a waste.
  • Wandy Rodriguez has thrown two straight gems but has nothing to show for it as the bullpen has been atrocious.
  • If Ike Davis is the first baseman of the future, why start sitting him against left-handers when the Mets have no shot in the race? Wouldn't you want the kid to get as many reps against lefties as possible?
  • Could the Dodgers' closer situation be any worse? They pulled Broxton and put in Kuo who failed in his first attempt against the Braves. Dotel came in and poured gas on the fire. Broxton could have done that himself.
  • Will Manny Ramirez end up in New York? Not with the Red Sox blocking things if they try.
  • No matter how good the Rangers have been this season, it doesn't seem possible that they could beat New York or Tampa Bay in the playoffs.
  • It seems that since the Orioles got Buck Showalter, they've played in extra innings every night. They played another long one on Monday night. At least they are now good enough to be tied at the end of regulation. That's an improvement.
  • Speaking of the Orioles, thirty-five year old, Koji Uehara has been superb in relief. He's pitched 25 an a third innings and has struck out 32. He's only walked five guys. A 6.4 to 1 K/BB ratio is pretty good, eh?

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