Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cubs Do The Right Thing

The heading of this post may come back to haunt this writer if the Cubs fall on their faces in 2011, but if they play like they did under Quade down the stretch, they could contend again for the first time in a while with Quade shedding his interim status. Quade certainly proved the Fan's near daily rants about Lou Piniella being the wrong guy for that team. As soon as they shed their fiery and cantankerous old manager, the team took off under Quade. All the players raved about him and several said he should get the job. The Cubs listened and signed him to a two year contract.

The move, of course, snubs their former Hall of Fame second baseman, Ryne Sandberg, who had paid his dues in the minors and seemed the heir apparent. The decision had to be a huge blow to Sandberg and it is not many teams that would have picked over him in that type of situation. He lost the job to a guy without his pedigree as a fan favorite and a favored son. This observer would bet money that Sandberg will leave the organization to get where he wants to go. And who would blame him?

In effect, the Cubs rewarded a loyal soldier who stepped up when his troops were under heavy fire and got the players to respond and thrive at the end of the season. The team believes that the Cubs at the end of the season were the true picture of the Cubs talent and wanted to go with the guy who started them in the right direction. It absolutely makes sense. The decision may or may not work out, but it was the right decision in a tough spot. That is not a sentence that usually is typed concerning the Cubs in their recent history.

The Cubs will need a lot to go right in 2011. They will need continuing improvement from their young players and their older players need to play to their career standards. That's not asking a lot though and Chicago could have something to root for which all Chicago fans have ever asked for. Good for the Cubs. Good for Quade. Well done.

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