Monday, October 18, 2010

Game Picks - Monday: October 18, 2010

Picking the Phillies to lose two in a row at their home place was stupid. Expecting a young stud pitcher to shut them down was stupid. Picking against Roy Oswalt, who forced this move to a contender just so he could have a game like Sunday's was stupid. Guilty as charged. The Fan committed the cardinal sin of picking, and that is getting swept up in a moment. Baseball isn't like other sports where momentum matters much in the playoffs. Yeah, a team can get a big win, but tomorrow is another game and the score starts out 0-0. The Phillies have been to too many of these rodeos to cave to a game like Game 1. Stupid.

Now for Monday's game:

- The Yankees over the Rangers: Yes, Cliff Lee is pitching. Yes, he is perfect so far in post season play. But he is not going against Hughes or Burnett or even Sabathia. He is going against Andy Pettitte. Yes, Pettitte is 38 years old. Yes, Cliff Lee is better than Andy Pettitte. But Andy Pettitte will not panic. He will not get rattled. Andy Pettitte will hold base runners closer. Andy Pettite has won 19 post season games. If he can hold the Rangers to a run or two, he'll win his 20th tonight.

Yesterday: 0-1
Week: 0-1
Month: 36-29
Season: 1363-1044

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