Saturday, October 23, 2010

Game Picks - Saturday: October 23, 2010

One Cinderella team is in. Can the other make it in too? To do so, the Giants certainly would make it easier for themselves to get the win tonight. Giving the Phillies a Game Seven is asking for trouble. This Fan is greatly concerned though that the ball is in the hands of Jonathan Sanchez. It is too similar to handing the ball to Phil Hughes. Sanchez has better pure stuff than Hughes, but he can't always locate and if he starts getting high pitch counts, he'll be in trouble. But of the Big Three in the Phillies rotation, Oswalt is the most vulnerable. His little relief outing the other day couldn't have helped. And so...

- The Giants over the Phillies: We need to complete this Cinderella storyline on a positive note.

Yesterday: 0-1 Congrats, Rangers
Season: 1366-1048

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