Saturday, October 23, 2010

What the Fan Would Have Done

Let's face it, any conjecture or second guessing concerning last night's game between the Yankees and Rangers is a moot point. The Rangers won and are going to the World Series. They deserve it and this Fan is very happy for them and their fans. But if the Fan had been Joe Girardi for a day, this is what would have been different:


Hughes - three innings
Sabathia - an inning
Burnett - an inning
Chamberlain - an inning
Wood - an inning or two
Rivera - an inning or two

Offense: Anybody in the world other than Thames at DH. Golson would have been a nice choice for some speed and a quick bat. He could have played right with Swisher at DH.

Asking Phil Hughes to get through that line up more than once was just too much for the youngster. He didn't match up well with their line up and the Yankees paid for it when it all broke down in the fifth. If Girardi had set up his game the way the Fan outlined it, he could have told Hughes to pretend it was a relief outing and to give it all he had for three innings and then take a shower. Sabathia could have come in for an inning when lefties were heavy and Burnett could have given you one solid inning. It just might have worked.

Against right handed pitching, Thames has no discipline on the breaking stuff outside. He looked like a heftier Soriano. He had no chance to contribute in that game against Lewis.

Again, it is all a moot point. The horses are out of the barn...and they are wearing Rangers uniforms.

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