Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Fan Message to His Fans

Hi Folks, First, this Fan really appreciates your continued visits. And that appreciation necessitates an explanation of a few of the changes you may have noticed to the site. The Flagrant Fan is now a member of the family of blog sites. As such, their widget now appears on the site as well as a well placed link below the heading of this blog. Pretty soon, that network will start using this site for some of their ads. This decision was made for the following two reasons:

1. plays with the big boys and girls of the world when it comes to blog sites. This site has been around since 2003 and though some gains have been made in visit rates, the growth has been fairly static. Part of that is because the Fan hasn't had any affiliations in the past and part of it is that the site is about the MLB in general and not specific to one team. A few months ago, the Fan joined the BBA and that has helped. Joining with should help even more. They are now owned by FoxSports and this kind of exposure can be obvious.

2. Your Flagrant Fan puts a lot of time into this site. There have been almost 600 posts this year alone. Many of the posts are fairly long. That's a lot of work and it's always been done because of the passion the writer has for Major League Baseball. But after a while, a writer has to ask, "What's in this for me?" And that's the point exactly. Yardbarker will put a few bucks here and there into the Fan's pocket and that will certainly help.

The Fan hopes you understand. It is hoped that the ads don't get in your way or take away from your experience here. It is to share with friends that this site has always been about. If you get annoyed, feel free to let the Fan know. It may not change things, but at least you will be heard.

Thank you again for your support and the Fan hopes you will keep coming around for a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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