Friday, October 22, 2010

Game Picks - Friday: October 22, 2010

Is it just the Fan or does the playoffs this year seem just as long as the NHL playoffs? If you are a baseball fan, it probably doesn't matter because more baseball is always a good thing. But geez, it's 35 degrees here in northern Maine and it is October 22. Fortunately for us, the snow hasn't started flying yet and a few of our trees still have colored leaves hanging on for dear life. The Giants' defense left them out of a big celebration as they had a chance to bury the Phillies. But two big errors led to a three run inning and with Halladay versus the weak-hitting Giants, that was just something the Giants couldn't afford. While it is a bit hypocritical for this horizontally challenged writer to state, Mr. Panda really needs to address his issue in the off season or a terribly promising career could go right down the food blender. It's probably not kind to mention that his play in that three-run fiasco looked like a sumo wrestler trying to chase down a chicken.

This Fan has to admit that the last paragraph might be a result of sour grapes as the play led to a bad pick. And when you only have one pick to make, a bad one looks pretty ugly standing all by itself. Friday again features only one pick.

- The Yankees over the Rangers: There are really three scenarios that could happen in this game. The first is that Hughes is again terrible, the Rangers then feast on the underbelly of the Yankees' bullpen and win the game. The second is that Hughes is great and the Yankees score five runs on Lewis. The third is that Hughes has a bad start, Moseley again saves the day and the Yankees score five runs off of Lewis.

Yesterday: 0-1
Month: 39-32
Season: 1366-1047

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