Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Rangers Win the Pennant

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers and their fans for beating the New York Yankees and advancing to the World Series. They out played the Yankees on every level, came back from a brutal Game One loss and showed the kind of heart and talent that deserves to represent the American League in the ultimate showdown called the World Series. One has to smile for the Rangers' fans. They have to be in heaven right now. Enjoy it. Enjoy every minute of it.

And how about Colby Lewis! The MVP of the series went to Josh Hamilton and you really can't quibble with that decision. He showed why he is the best player in baseball right now. But Colby Lewis won two games in convincing fashion, the only Rangers' starter that can make that claim. He pitched deep into two gems and totally shut down the Yankees lefty leaning lineup. He was fantastic. The Yankees managed only three hits in the clincher and that's how they became the ex-champs.

All credit is due to the Rangers, the players and Nolan Ryan and his staff. Cinderella is going to the ball and that is the kind of story that Major League Baseball can relish and share with the world.

And this weekend, we'll find out who they are going to play!

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