Thursday, September 08, 2011

BBA Link Fest - Eclectic is Good

The general chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance has a ton of terrific writers. This is a weekly post featured every Thursday of some of their favorite work in the past week:

Charles Simone's Teach Your Children at his Left Field site gives us the top five rules of fandom. You mean that fake to third, fake to first pick off move isn't deception? Heh.

Over at Dugout 24, Jim Thome's 600 homers are celebrated in high style. Isn't it cool in this new world that with a click of a button, a web browser can translate any language into English? How cool indeed.

In a recent Call to the Pen piece, Blake Blontz covers the sad story of a greedy employee of the San Francisco Giants. What a world we live in.

Bryan over at the Replacement Level Baseball Blog explains why Ian Kennedy is having a great season but is not a Cy Young Award candidate. The line about Tim McCarver getting too many Bob Gibson fastballs off his mask is a killer line.

Theo over at Hot Corner Harbor offers us a rerun. But in case you missed it before, it's a terrific piece and unlike another NCIS rerun, this one is worth catching on some thoughts about the Hall of Fame.

Jed Rigney has a rollicking piece over on Through the Fence Baseball that ranges from Hollywood parties, kids' birthday parties and why the Yankees and Braves could collapse. Real fun read.

This week, The Baseblawg celebrates a milestone for broadcaster, Suzyn Waldmen. Didn't know she acted on Broadway too!

Old Time Family Baseball has a fun thought on the Astros' scouting bias. You'll be intrigued initially.

Over at the must follow MLB Reports, James Lamb has a terrific guest piece on being a baseball parent. If you have children, don't miss this one.

The under-appreciated Jonathan Mitchell writes about the under appreciated Ryan Braun over at MLB Dirt.

The Baseball Index shows how A.J. Burnett is closing in on a dubious record. Indeed.

Over at Michael Holloway's Baseball Blog, he writes a great piece on the Moneyball movie and the revolution that spawned it.

The Hall of Very Good provides us with a great post on Dale Murphy talking about Chipper Jones.

And if you missed a link from @diamondhoggers this week, it's because the writer is on honeymoon this week! Congrats.

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