Monday, May 03, 2010

Game Picks - Monday: May 3, 2010

It was nearly a historic day of picking. The tally was 12-2 going into the Mets - Phillies game and the Mets had a 5-2 lead with Santana on the mound. That felt like a pretty good lock for a 13-2 day and a new record for this here picker. Twelve has been the highest total ever seen in this space. But then the Phillies exploded and Santana ended up with one of his ugliest lines of his career. He allowed ten base runners. Every single one of then scored. He gave up four homers, one a grand slam to Victorino. This Fan has never seen anything like it. But still, after a disastrous Saturday, there is no real way one can complain about bouncing back with a 12-3 day.

Monday has a pretty good schedule of games. Let's keep the ball rolling:

  • The Cardinals over the Phillies: Garcia should be better than Hamels and the Cardinals need to dominate this series.
  • The Indians over the Blue Jays: Two good young pitchers in Talbot versus Cecil. Talbot has been lights out so far.
  • The Yankees over the Orioles: Rematch of Sabathia versus Guthrie. Will turn out the same way as the first one. And Teixeira is starting to hit.
  • The Reds over the Mets: Still riding the Leake bandwagon, especially since Perez is going for the Mets and the bullpen has already had to cover a lot of innings over the weekend.
  • The Red Sox over the Angels: The Red Sox just got swept by the Orioles [snicker]. But Buchholz has been their best pitcher thus far.
  • The Diamondbacks over the Astros: The Astros had a miserable weekend. It won't get any better on Monday.
  • The Royals over the White Sox: In the upset of the day, Gil (ga) Meche pitches his first good game of the year. Peavy does too, but the Royals come out on top.
  • The Tigers over the Twins: No Mauer. Baker hasn't been sharp. The Tigers have been hot. Tigers.
  • The Rangers over the Athletics: Harden pitches a gem and Braden yells at Vlad Guerrero for trotting too slow on his home run. But Vlad can't run anymore and that's as fast as he can go.


  • The Rockies over the Padres: Ubaldo is the new king. It's King Ubaldo the First.

Yesterday: 12-3
Week: 12-3
Month: 16-14
Season: 216-140
Games of the Day: 9-8 You still out there, Kryss?


Anonymous said...

hi, I read your blog every day and enjoy your writting...honestly

keep up the great work you're doing


Jaysfan45 said...

ya keep it up I am an annual reader, second season reading these blogs daily. I am a big baseball fan and although I may not always agree I always enjoy your insight. So Thank You all the way from Toronto!


William said...

Thanks, you two. It's great to hear from you. Appreciate your daily visits very much.

Alan said...

cheers again man
hope have a great weekend picking