Thursday, May 13, 2010

Game Picks - Thursday: May 13, 2010

The muddling of May continues as this picker can't seem to get rolling this month. Yesterday featured a multitude of games, thanks in part to rain outs on Tuesday. At least the day ended up a couple of games over the .500 mark but that is hardly consolation as the Game of the Day was wrong for the third day in a row. That feature is now in the hole, which is pretty remarkable in itself as those picks are considered by this picker to be mortal locks. Once again, this picker picked the Royals to win. Why? Greinke is pitching today so he'll probably do it again. The second game of the Phillies - Rockies game was rained out. The make up of that game has not yet been determined.

Thursday has a pretty good slate of games. So it's a fresh new chance to get a roll started:

  • The Yankees over the Tigers: A good one here as Sabathia goes against Verlander. Should be a fun game to watch whatever happens.
  • The Mariners over the Orioles: King Felix has been a bit of a mystery so far. But he should beat Millwood and the Orioles.
  • The Cardinals over the Astros: This picker looked pretty good picking the Astros yesterday. But the combination of Carpenter pitching for the Cardinals and Norris pitching for the Astros means the Astros have no shot today.
  • The Rangers over the Athletics: The Rangers are gellin' on offense as Hamilton is hitting and Smoak hit a homer yesterday. Cruz will be back soon too.
  • The Royals over the Indians: [sigh] Why does the Fan do this? Greinke has to get a win the way he's pitching.
  • The Padres over the Giants: The Padres are remarkable and it's been a lot of fun seeing them put this start together. The Giants are right on their heels though.
  • The Marlins over the Mets: Santana versus Josh Johnson. Could be a good pitching duel or the Marlins could get to Santana early.


  • The Rockies over the Nationals: Chacin has been lights out in his two starts thus far.

Yesterday: 9-7
Week: 29-24
Month: 86-77
Season: 286-204
Games of the Day: 13-14

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Anonymous said...

man, the cardinals suck big time these days :(