Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Johnny Cueto Pitches a Perfect Game - Almost

Sure, it was the Pittsburgh Pirates he faced, but Johnny Cueto showed a bit of the magic that everyone in the world has been expecting forever. He pitched a complete game one hitter and faced the minimum 27 batters on just 102 pitches. The only hit he gave up was to Ronny Cedeno who was promptly thrown out trying to steal (which probably wasn't a good idea).

Cueto has been one of those guys who at times just seems to have overpowering stuff and makes you wonder why he isn't more successful. And again, this performance against the lowly Pirates can't get you too excited. But still, it's a one-hitter with no walks and eight strikeouts. Against any major league team, that's pretty impressive stuff.

The key now is if Cueto can pull off a string of good performances. That certainly hasn't been his MO in the past. He looks great, he looks terrible. He looks great. He looks terrible. Well, he hasn't looked that great in a very long time. So this is good. Time will tell if it was a happy good or just a Pittsburgh Pirates good.

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