Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freddie Sanchez Is a Good Player

Freddie Sanchez, who was born in Hollywood, has never really been in the spotlight. He doesn't hit for power. He doesn't steal bases. But the guy sure knows how to hit. His trouble the last few years has been staying healthy. Combine that with the expectations he created with his outlier year in 2006 when he led the league in batting and clubbed 53 doubles and the player isn't often appreciated. This year is no different.

Sanchez again missed some time early this year, but has been playing regularly and is a part of the Giants' surge these past couple of weeks. He's now batting .337 with a .400 On Base Percentage and is producing runs. He still doesn't hit for power (no homers and only a few doubles) and his slugging percentage is a paltry .400, but the guy is a pest with runners on base.

But not only is Sanchez hitting well, he's also having a very good year in the field. Playing second base is really his second best position. He was a terrific third baseman but his history at second has been historically in the negative numbers stat-wise. But this year he is in the positive numbers and is playing really well.

The Giants have long been considered challenged at the plate to go along with a strong rotation of starters. But they have assembled a good line up this year after some experimentation. Andres Torres is having a sensational year. Sanchez follows him and is among the leaders in batting. Aubrey Huff is batting around .300 and is over .900 in OPS. Juan Uribe has an .843 OPS as a shortstop. Burrell has stepped in and is hitting well. Buster Posey has done nothing but hit since he was called up and Pablo Sandoval is one of the better hitters in the game. Add in Eli Whiteside, who is playing more than Molina these days and has a .880 OPS and you have a solid line up from top to bottom.

The Giants are going to be in the NL West race until the end. They have the pitching and now they have a good line up and they are formidable in that division.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I've always liked Freddy. His big problem has always been plate discipline, but he's fun to watch. A great pure hitter.