Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Game Picks - Tuesday: June 15, 2010

Four wins and no losses. It's not the dream day of 15-0, but it's like a baby dream. It seems these short schedule days always seem to go well. Perhaps this picker does better when he has less to concentrate on.

Oh, one other note before we get to Tuesday's picks: The Fan usually bases his picks on BallHype.com's Game Picks site and once again, that has come to bite the Fan in the butt. The problem is that they often get the starting pitchers all screwed up and the Fan has been too lazy to check other sites for who is REALLY pitching. Well, Alan, a faithful reader, called the Fan out on this yesterday and rightly so. The Fan has to do better at being accurate and pledges to do better.

Tuesday's picks:

- The Pirates over the White Sox: This is probably a stupid pick, but Lincoln is one of the Pirates best prospects and even though he didn't fare well his first outing, perhaps he'll show his promise in this one. Freddie Garcia goes for the White Sox.
- The Indians over the Mets: Another upset? Fan? Okay, here's the thing, Santana hasn't been invincible and Masterson has been terrific lately. The offenses are about the same so going with the hotter pitcher.
- The Tigers over the Nationals: Lannon has not pitched well. But then again, neither has Scherzer. But at least Scherzer has the ability to pitch well. Not sure that Lannon does.
- The Yankees over the Phillies: This is an awesome match up of Halladay versus Sabathia. The Fan thinks that Sabathia will rise up and throw goose eggs and the Yankees will eek out a win.
- The Reds over the Dodgers: The pitching match up of Kuroda versus Harang is pretty much a wash. What tips the scale here is the Reds playing so well at home and the Dodgers being weak on the road.
- The Red Sox over the Diamondbacks: Buchholz had a blip on what has been a good year last time out. Should rebound this time out. The Red Sox will get to Ian Kennedy.
- The Bay Rays over the Braves: Kawakami still can't buy a win. Price has bought many wins for the Bay Rays.
- The Marlins over the Rangers: The Rangers face the Marlins' best pitcher in Josh Johnson while the Rangers have to put Vlad in the field.
- The Athletics over the Cubs: This is an odd interleague match up, eh? Like Cahill over Zambrano.
- The Astros over the Royals: Isn't in unbelievable that the Fan is picking Paulino for the second straight time?
- The Cardinals over the Mariners: Jeff Suppan gets the start. Duncan does his magic and Suppon wins and the Brewers gnash their teeth for all the money they wasted.
- The Brewers over the Angels: The Brewers big game yesterday is going to propel them on a roll. Just watch.
- The Padres over the Blue Jays: Great match up of young pitchers in Latos versus Cecil. Latos has more power so going with him at home.
- The Orioles over the Giants: The Orioles are due for a win and throw young Arrieta out there against a AAA pitcher named Martinez.

And the Game of the Day:

- The Twins over the Rockies: This game should be a lock as the Twins are great at home unless the Fan gets Pavanoed again.

Yesterday: 4-0
Week: 13-6
Month: 105-64
Season: 542-395
Games of the Day: 30-29 Excuse the Fan for fainting...

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Alan said...

yeaah sir! congrats! for ur perfect day..really really enjoy your dedication on this page for BASEBALL! good luck man, hope you have a great week
cheers from mexico!(thanks for the time to read my post).. appreciate it