Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game Picks - Thursday: June 17, 2010

Ten correct. Five incorrect. Another good night for the ole' picker. There were a few duds. The Fan totally hates on A. J. Burnett. Can't stand that the Yankees trust this slightly better Oliver Perez-like guy. The Fan would trade him straight up for Ian Kennedy. Maybe the Yankees can package him in a deal for Rent-A-Lee. The Cards seemed like a good pick, but Vargas bamboozled them. What's with these suspect pitchers getting all jiggy with their starts lately? Leake finally leaked and lost his first game of the year. So his picks will have to be monitored more closely the rest of the way. And the worst news of all was that Joel Pineiro totally blew up his good start/bad start pattern and threw his second straight gem. His pattern was so clean and so easy to follow. Now he's going to be a pain the butt to figure out just like all the rest of the daily picks.

But 10-5 is nothing to sneeze at and the Fan should stop whining. Picking Talbot to finally find his BABIP luck going the other was semi-brilliant as he gave up more than a dozen hits Wednesday night.

One programming note: The Fan will be traveling the next two days and will be away from home for nearly a month. There should be no interruptions in posting, but you never know what happens when away from the comfort of home patterns.


- The Dodgers over the Reds: The Dodgers would seem to have the Reds' number and Manny Ramirez is starting to pop his bat again (like predicted here in a recent post). Ely gets the win.
- The Tigers over the Nationals: Atliano is not as good as his record. The Nationals haven't won a non-Strasburg game in quite a while.
- The Twins over the Rockies: What a match up! Ubaldo versus Liriano. Liriano has been the best pitcher in the AL this year and Ubaldo is due for a loss. But he'll still pitch well.
- The Athletics over the Cubs: Braden has dealt with a sore arm but Randy Wells isn't the same pitcher as last year. Going with the A's.
- The Diamondbacks over the Red Sox: Lackey hasn't been terrific and Haren can shut down anybody at any time.
- The Yankees over the Phillies: Pettitte isn't Burnett. Enough said.
- The Mets over the Indians: The Mets are on one serious roll and Dickey has been a fun part of that. He'll beat Westbrook.
- The White Sox over the Pirates: Love ya, Ohlendorf, but you got nobody behind you.
- The Braves over the Bay Rays: The Bay Rays are in their first mini-slump of the year as is today's starter, Shields. Hudson shuts them down.
- The Marlins over the Rangers: Why are the Rangers starting Nippert??

And the Game of the Day

- The Astros over the Royals: The experienced Myers squares up against Leruw making his first start of the season.

Yesterday: 10-5
Week: 33-16
Month: 125-74
Season: 562-405
Games of the Day: 30-29 this feature is here to keep the Fan humble...

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