Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game Picks - Wednesday: June 16, 2010

Ten correct and five incorrect. Pretty good, especially in interleague play. And the Game of the Day pick was correct again. That makes that feature two games over .500. The Fan feels dizzy. This picker is particularly proud of the Orioles pick. But really, the team had to win some time. Less proud was the whooping the Dodgers put on the Reds or the blown save that cost the Marlins pick. Nunez had been so good too. Oh well, at least that result meant another game in the standings for the Rangers, which is fun. Sabathia hopefully quieted some naysayers with his performance against the Phillies last night. He had one bad inning and even that inning could have been different if with the bases loaded, Teixeira had gone home with his throw to get the speedy Ryan Howard instead of inexplicably throwing to second. All in all it was a good night. The Fan even got the Lakers pick right over the Celtics.

June has been a good month. The picks are 45 games over .500 for the month, which is highly welcome after a lukewarm May. Hopefully, Wednesday's picks can add to the bounty:

- The Giants over the Orioles: The Orioles must hate Guthrie. Why else would he get to face every single ace the other team has each and every start? This time it's Lincecum.
- The Blue Jays over the Padres: Like Romero over Correia.
- The Brewers over the Angels: The Fan told you the Brewers were going on a hot streak. Plus Pineiro pitched great last time out so should be terrible this time.
- The Mets over the Indians: The stats clearly show Talbot being extremely lucky this season. His luck will catch up with him. Plus, Wright is on a tear.
- The Tigers over the Nationals: The trouble with Strasburg's timing is that the rest of the team is starting to sink. Livan will get beat by Verlander.
- The Yankees over the Phillies: Don't think that Moyer can beat the Yankees. Not sure if Burnett can beat the Phillies though. Hmmm...
- The White Sox over the Pirates: Danks should have no trouble beating Zach Duke and the punchless Pirates.
- The Reds over the Dodgers: The Reds can't seem to lose when Leake pitches. Have to go with that until that fact changes.
- The Red Sox over the Diamondbacks: Lester all the way here with the Red Sox putting some mash on Rodrigo Lopez.
- The Braves over the Bay Rays: Hanson should power the Braves to a win as the Bay Rays will counter with Wade Davis who has waded up to his waist in trouble lately.
- The Rangers over the Marlins: Hunter has been great out of the chute for the Rangers. Look for that to continue over the Marlins and Annibal Sanchez.
- The Athletics over the Cubs: The Fan is sorry, but Piniella really needs to go.
- The Twins over the Rockies: The Twins are awesome at home so that overcomes a match up of Home Run Baker versus young armed, Chacin.
- The Astros over the Royals: The Royals made the Fan look silly last night with ten runs against Paulino. But Roy Oswalt isn't Paulino.

And the Game of the Day

- The Cardinals over the Mariners: Garcia has no offense to face and the Cardinals will jump all over Vargas.

Yesterday: 10-5
Week: 23-11
Month: 115-69
Season: 552-400
Games of the Day: 31-29

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