Saturday, June 05, 2010

Game Picks - Saturday: June 5, 2010

Friday was about as good as it gets when picking baseball games. Nearly everything went right with the exception of the Tigers, Cubs, White Sox and Reds. Even the Game of the Day was correct for a change. Sweet. Best picks of the day included Arizona breaking their losing streak and Brett Cecil taking care of the Yankees.

So far this week, the Fan has twice as many wins as losses and June is shaping up the same way. Can it continue? We'll see as the Fan furiously flies into Saturday:

- The Yankees over the Blue Jays: Like Romero, but like Pettitte better.
- The Brewers over the Cardinals: This one smells like an upset as the Cardinals start some kid named Ottavino.
- The Marlins over the Mets: Nate Robertson should beat Niese, who isn't Nieve, though that is confusing, eh?
- The Angels over the Mariners: The Angels should have no problem with Rowland-Smith.
- The Bay Rays over the Rangers: Josh Hamilton is on fire, but Shields is very good an Hunter is making his first start of the year.
- The Giants over the Pirates: Pat Burrell? Really?
- The Padres over the Phillies: Garland should beat Moyer, though this is a scary pick.
- The Reds over the Nationals: Leake still hasn't leaked and Atliano's 5-1 mark is somewhat of a mirage.
- The Astros over the Cubs: Dempster has been good, but the Cubs don't score for him. Oswalt won't let that change any, especially with his umpire-induced rest last time out.
- The Red Sox over the Orioles: Jon Lester makes Juan Samuel 0-2 as a manager.
- The Indians over the White Sox: The Indians seem to have the White Sox's number. Talbot has been better than Peavy this year.
- The Diamondbacks over the Rockies: Like Chacin, but a Dontrelle Willis win seems Cinderella-like.
- The Twins over the Athletics: Cahill has been good for the A's, but Liriano will strike out ten A's in a big win.
- The Dodgers over the Braves: Great match up of Billingsley versus Hanson. Giving the nod to the Dodgers at home.

And the Game of the Day:

- The Tigers over the Royals: Hochever has been good lately, but he gets Verlander today.

Yesterday: 11-4
Week: 55-26
Month: 37-16
Season: 454-347
Games of the Day: 24-25


KleoPatra said...

Jamie Moyer... not bad for 47!

William said...

Indeed, Kleo. Not bat at all. Got that pick all wrong, eh?