Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Game Picks - Wednesday: August 4, 2010

Hello? Is this police? Yes. Okay. There's been a murder. A murder!? Yes, this game picker guy made sixteen picks yesterday and eleven of them were wrong. It was a bloodbath. Yes. Cause of death? Uhh...Well, all the good teams except for the Rays lost. The Red Sox lose their best player and won. The Pirates won. The Royals won. The Astros won. It was a bloodbath. It was an annihilation. It was gruesome. But most of was depressing.

But just like life, the Fan will have to stubbornly keep going even if nothing makes sense. Wednesday:

  • The Reds over the Pirates: Cueto should beat Karstens. The Reds should beat the Pirates. But you know...
  • The Yankees over the Blue Jays: Either Hughes will finally pitch a good game throwing to Posada (fat chance) or the Yankees will finally hit like they are supposed to (uh huh) or the Blue Jays and their fabulous young pitching will just go ahead and sweep them.
  • The Cubs over the Brewers: Dempster is 13-3 in his career against the Brewers. Has Parra won 13 games in his entire career?
  • The Rockies over the Giants: Ubaldo isn't a lock like the first half, and Bumgarner is darn good. But geez, the Rockies should win this one.
  • The Athletics over the Royals: Got to go with Anderson over O'Sullivan.
  • The Orioles over the Angels: Go Buck Go!
  • The Tigers over the White Sox: Galarraga pitches a gem and Jackson doesn't.
  • The Braves over the Mets: Pelfrey has been a mystery lately and he doesn't pitch well against the Braves historically.
  • The Marlins over the Phillies: Kendrick gets beat and Sanchez hangs on for the win.
  • The Indians over the Red Sox: Masterson shut the Red Sox out last time and you know his revenge isn't yet sated.
  • The Bay Rays over the Twins: Waving the white flag. All hail the Bay Rays. Oh yeah, and Price wins.
  • The Cardinals over the Astros: Happ versus Carpenter. It's time to end this silly Astros winning streak. Right?
  • The Diamondbacks over the Nationals: Ian Kennedy with a light edge over Stammen. But this one could go either way.
  • The Dodgers over the Padres: The Dodgers are backed in a corner and have to win. The Padres' start LeBlanc who has a great ERA but always finds a way to lose.

And the Game of the Day

  • The Rangers over the Mariners: It didn't work yesterday, but it will today. Wilson over's a no resister.

Yesterday: 5-11 OMG!
Week: 16-25 WOE!
Month: 16-25 *grumble*
Season: 907-675
Games of the Week: 57-47


Josh Borenstein said...

I like the new layout!

Alan said...

yeaah nice layout, and started picking on a mastering way :)
just had a bad month.. you will raise
nice picking today.. good luck tomorrow