Monday, August 02, 2010

Give Hoffman the Save Opportunities

The Milwaukee Brewers are not going to contend this year. There is no miracle coming. There is no hope. They are a second division team looking up at two stud teams who aren't going to falter. It's over for the Brewers. The only thing left to wonder about is how many losses they will end up with. With all that being said, why can't they put Trevor Hoffman back as the closer so he can get four more saves to reach 600?

Yeah, the Fan knows how the season started. It was all too painful to watch. The great Trevor Hoffman was getting smacked around. He gave up six early homers. His ERA was 13.00 at the end of April. Those facts are what they are. There is no getting around them. But he's been good of late. He's had six straight scoreless outings covering six innings of work. He has struck out seven batters in those six innings, given up no walks and has only given up three hits. Should the greatest Save machine in the history of baseball be limited to one measly Hold in those six appearances?

Look, we all understand that John Axford is the closer right now and of the future. But what does it matter at this point in the Brewers' season? They can't give Hoffman (who is making $7.5 million by the way) enough save opportunities to get to 600? The Fan is sure that Axford would understand.

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Josh Borenstein said...

It would certainly be a nice feel-good moment in a mostly feel-bad season for Brewers' fans. Axford has surprised everyone and run away with the job. Let him have it next year. Hoffman's days are numbered. It would be a real shame if the Brewers didn't give him an opportunity to chase 600 now.