Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Plight of Mike Lowell

Mike Lowell is still on the bench and he isn't playing. He occasionally pinch hits and he occasionally fills in for David Ortiz. But that's it. Mike Lowell isn't a spring chicken and has overcome a serious hip injury and seems healthy enough. Obviously Lowell wants to play more, but class act that he is, he doesn't feel that he is better than Youkilis or Beltre so he understands not playing. He doesn't have any other positions he can play so there he sits.

So what are the Red Sox options with Lowell? Not much. It would only make sense to trade him to a contender. It would be cruel to a warrior that was a big part of so many great teams to trade him to a team with no hope of contending, and why would they want him if they weren't going anywhere. What contender needs a third baseman?

Tampa? Nope. Longoria. Yankees? Nope. A-Rod. Nationals? Nope. Zimmerman. Rangers? Nope. Young. Phillies? Nope. Polanco. Cardinals? Nope. Freese. Padres? Nope. Headley is doing just fine. Reds? Nope. Rolen. Giants? Nope. Sandoval. Marlins? Nope. Cantu is getting the job done. Dodgers? Maybe. Casey Blake isn't that great. Athletics? Are they contenders? If so, Kouz isn't that great. Tigers? Hmm...He's better than Inge. That would work. Tigers it is. They could do better with Lowell than Inge. But don't hold your breath.

It looks like Lowell is stuck where he is.

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