Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tripping Through the Transactions

If you want real transaction analysis, please see Kristina Kahl over at Baseball Prospectus. These transaction recaps are a bit different. So read at your own risk.

  • Hendry, the general manager for the Cubs called Bob and asked the free agent pitcher Howry was feeling. Bob said just fine and Hendry signed him on the spot and put him on the roster.
  • Because of Howry, Justin hit an ice Berg and was sent to the minors.
  • Will there be a ghost in the Tiger's clubhouse after Casper Wells was sent to the minors?
  • Ron Gardenshire went to his GM and said he needed an infielder. The GM asked Ron who he wanted and Gardenshire answered with a question in his voice, "Plouffe?" The GM replied offended, "I didn't fart!" Ron looked puzzled and then said, "No, no, I want Trevor Plouffe, the infielder." Oh.
  • Despite what John says, his shoulder turned out to be the sinking of the Maine as he was put on the DL.
  • To take Maine's place on the roster, Elmer Dessens from on high...or in this case, from the minors.
  • Sans uniform, infielder Matsui will be in Kazuo attire since Houston released him.
  • Human ping-pong, Jeff, was again Manshipped to Rochester by the Twins.
  • The Yankees put hip hip Jorge on the DL and called up Chad Moeller to add teeth to Yankees bench. Don't make the Fan explain that one.
  • The Padres put Kyle on the DL which is okay since his offense was shooting Blanks anyway.
  • The Angels optioned an outfielder to the minors and Cole Gillespie wasn't jazzed about it.
  • The Yankees filed a protest because of the way that Beckett was pulled from the game and the incoming reliever was allowed unlimited warm up tosses. They lost the protest and to prove the point that the Red Sox weren't Joshing, they put the pitcher on the DL.
  • When Shelley was recalled by the Indians, he celebrated by going to Duncan Donuts.
  • Cubs' fans were so displeased with pitcher, Esmailin, that they started singing Christmas carols: "Release Caridad...release Caridad..." But it turns out that the pitcher was hurt and was put on the DL.
  • Conspiracy theorists again came out of the woodwork when Oswaldo was recalled from Round Rock by the Astros. But Navarro won't have to act alone as the 25th man on the roster.
  • Ivan Nova's brief major league look flamed out as he was sent back to the minors by the Yankees.
  • Snider's injury was a Travisty for the Blue Jays as he had just started to pound the ball. He went on the DL.

That's it for today. The weather here in northern Maine is delightful lately. Hope yours is as well as you enjoy the weekend.

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