Friday, June 11, 2010

Game Picks - Friday: June 11, 2010

That's odd. It's 11:08 PM in Maine and all of the games are done already. That means that this picker can make Friday's picks before going to bed instead of bleary-eyed and trying to wake up with a coffee. But maybe that fuzzy state of mind is the reason for the success this year. Hmm...good point. Oh well, the Fan will risk it since things are going so well. The Fan is quite pleased with himself on the Johnson over Halladay pick and the Latos over Santana pick. Yes, those were sweet. So was the Astros over the Rockies pick, the Blue Jays over the Bay Rays pick and the Indians over the Red Sox pick.

Not so sweet was getting burned by on Mr. Niese for the second game in a row plus a sleepy Yankees' attack minus the groin impaired A-Rod. That's funny, A-Rod never had problems with his groin before. Oops, did the Fan just type that out loud? Plus, the Royals beat the Twins and the Tigers lost AGAIN! So did the Cubs. Geez. Look for a post about the Cubs upcoming.

So let's get to Friday (interleague play starts again):

- The White Sox over the Cubs: Jake Peavy was less than thrilled when told that Kenny Williams was talking fire sale. Let's see him take it out on the Cubs.
- The Indians over the Nationals: Westbrook over Atliano. Poor Kerry Wood isn't faring too well as closer.
- The Orioles over the Mets: The Mets are supposed to win these kinds of games. But Guthrie will pitch well and Dickey gives the Orioles something they can catch up to.
- The Tigers over the Pirates: Maybe the Tigers can beat the Pirates. Verlander gets the start.
- The Bay Rays over the Marlins: Shields should be better than Sanchez.
- The Phillies over the Red Sox: Will Ortiz sit against Moyer?
- The Reds over the Royals: Hochever has been good lately. But Arroyo should beat him.
- The Rangers over the Brewers: Will Vlad play the outfield with no DH? Bet he does.
- The Twins over the Braves: Liriano will out pitch Hudson and shut down the Braves.
- The Rockies over the Blue Jays: The Blue Jays have never seen anyone like Ubaldo before.
- The Cardinals over the Diamondbacks: The leftover National League's leftover teams battle it out. Garcia should be better than Lopez.
- The Padres over the Mariners: The Mariners are an absolute mess inside and out.
- The Dodgers over the Angels: The Fan has to write this stuff down. Pineiro is having that crazy good/bad season where every other start he's either good or bad. Last start was his good one right? That means a bad one this time.
- The Giants over the Athletics: Lincecum isn't the lock he used to be, but he should get the job done in this game.

And the Game of the Day:

- The Yankees over the Astros: The Yankees' line up without A-Rod is less dangerous, but they still have more firepower than the Astros.

Yesterday: 10-5
Week: 39-28
Month: 83-52
Season: 500-383 500 correct picks! Woohaa
Games of the Day: 27-28

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