Friday, June 11, 2010

More Evidence in the Piniella Case

This writer has said it before in this space that Lou Piniella isn't the right fit for the Cubs and the team would be better off with a change. Evidence to support this belief comes from Al Yellon over and BleedCubbieBlue ( If Yellon is correct, or better put, if his source is correct, that's a real mess.

The clubhouse distemper seems to center around Aramis Ramirez and his perceived lack of effort and preparation. The source seems to indicate that lines have been drawn and center around Latin players versus non-Latin. That can't be a good thing when teammates are pulling against each other instead of for each other. And Yellon points the finger right at Piniella stating that a real leader wouldn't allow that in his clubhouse. The Fan agrees.

Of course, the Cubs' problems go beyond Piniella and the clubhouse. General Manager Hendry has simply constructed a poor club that is misshapen and too weak in too many areas. Yet, when you look at the team, it should be better than it is. Even the Pythagorean Won-Loss statistic (which is based in large part on the run differential) shows that the Cubs should have at least four more wins then they have.

The Fan has observed for quite some time that the Cubs play tighter than a new Miley Cyrus concert outfit. Piniella just breeds tension, plain and simple. And now, according to Bleed Cubbie Blue, Piniella's caustic personality doesn't carry over to his clubhouse and that clubhouse is a disaster.

It really is time to let Piniella go. The wildcard isn't out of reach and it isn't like the Reds and Cardinals are running away with things. Perhaps a fresh start would be just what the team needs. And it should be a guy who has proven he can run his own clubhouse.

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Josh Borenstein said...

Piniella also had a little meltdown after Steve Stone correctly criticized him for not playing Tyler Colvin enough.