Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tripping Through the Transactions

Many sites give in depth analysis of items on the MLB transaction wire and what they mean for the team making the transactions. That's not exactly what this post is about. In the FanDome, we trip through the transactions lightly, though my blog buddy, Josh, says that a few of the puns get heavy on occasion. Did the Fan say, "Puns"? Hey, you rolling your eyes can be felt over here you know. So, anyway, here is what the Fan found on's transaction list. Note: The Fan has skipped over all the draft pick signings.

- Boston's Jeremy was Hermidiacally sealed when he went on the disabled list.
- Oye Como Va? Carlos Santana just got called up by the Indians. His band mates are thrilled.
- To be pacific, the Indians also released Mark Grudzatlantic.
- Hey Blue Jays' fans, was it Wise to sign Dewayne?
- The Cubs put Ramirez on the disabled list, but at least Aramis smells good.
- There was no Clementcy for Jeff as the Pirates optioned him to the minors.
- Here's one to chew on: The Rangers signed Jake Skole. Oops. That was a draft pick. Will have to spit that one back out.
- Brad Lincoln was emancipated when the Pirates called him up from the minors.
- A player in the Blue Jays' farm system will have a new Rommie to bunk with as Lewis was sent down. The Jays replaced him with Jesse Litsch, who could use a vowel or two.
- The Diamondbacks said Saul long to Rivera as he was sent to the minors.
- Wasn't a pretty picture on the Ezell when Glenn resigned from the post of director of player development for the Tigers.
- A Lamb was led to slaughter when golden child, Mike Stanton, was promoted to the Marlins. Mike bleated, but was designated anyway.
- Guess J. J. wasn't that hale and Hardy after all as he went back on the disabled list. The Twins got more bad infield news when Hudson also went up the river to the DL.
- It was a minor Norman conquest when Anthony was promoted from the FSL to the EL.
- Andy went to the food Marte to celebrate coming off the DL. But that wasn't good news for Matt when he got the demotion and a new LaPorta call.
- Mike Carp is swimming up stream as he was promoted from to the majors by the Mariners. Shouldn't a Carp be playing with the Marlins?
- When the Mariners called up a pitcher named Luke, a meeting was called with the catchers as they had to learn French.
- Apparently, the Tigers think Danny is Worth more than Adam Everett, who was designated.
- Winn almost got to Dixie as the outfielder was signed by the Cardinals after the Yankees let him go.
- The Rangers optioned Strop to sharpen his skills in the minors. The move had to be made because they needed a big game Hunter...with a Tommy gun for an arm.

And that's the week in transactions. Have a barbecue tomorrow and enjoy yourself.

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Josh Borenstein said...

"The Diamondbacks said Saul long to Rivera as he was sent to the minors."

This was my favorite.