Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Game Picks - Tuesday: June 8, 2010

It was a kiss-your-sister kind of picking day yesterday with five correct and four incorrect. But it was still over .500 though it wasn't enough for the Fan to hold on to the picking lead against the underdog scroungers on BallHype. Oh well. At least the Dodgers had a big night to get a win for the beleaguered Game of the Day feature.

Tonight is the night everyone is looking forward to. Strasburg, Stanton and a full slate of other games. It will be fascinating:

- The Marlins over the Phillies: Volstad is better than Kendrick and Stanton will get two hits.
- The Nationals over the Pirates: You've got to give the big kid a win his first time out, right? Plus, the Pirates have given him a gift with Karstens starting.
- The Yankees over the Orioles: Phil Hughes has been the biggest Yankee story of the year this side of Cano.
- The Indians over the Red Sox: Wakefield is finally looking really old. Ortiz has stopped hitting.
- The Mets over the Padres: Mike Pelfrey continues his amazing season.
- The Giants over the Reds: Burrell is hitting! So is Posey. Cain is pitching. Done.
- The Bay Rays over the Blue Jays: Just don't believe in Talbot as a starting pitcher.
- Seattle over the Rangers: King Felix will shut down the Rangers' attack.
- The Brewers over the Cubs: Good match up of Gallardo versus Lilly. The Brewers are waking up a bit. Getting rid of Suppon was a move in the right direction.
- The Twins over the Royals: Alas, this isn't last year and Greinke is snake bit.
- The Tigers over the White Sox: Learned a lesson picking against Galarraga last time out. How did that go, Fan? Uhh..
- The Rockies over the Astros: Francis over Moehler in a mismatch.
- The Braves over the Diamondbacks: This is far from a safe pick. All depends on how good Medlan pitches.
- The Angels over the Athletics: Weaver should have no trouble here.

And the Game of the Day

- The Cardinals over the Dodgers: Carpenter versus Kuroda. Mismatch city.

Yesterday: 5-4
Week: 14-10
Month: 58-34
Season: 475-365
Games of the Day: 26-26

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