Monday, June 07, 2010

Game Picks - Monday: June 7, 2010

Sunday was another positive day but the Cardinals losing the Game of the Day sort of spoiled things. So it wasn't a great day. For parts of the day, this picker even held the top spot over those upset, bottom-feeding reprobates over at BallHype. But alas, good picking can't hold sway over the two guys who simply go in and pick every underdog every day just to rack up points. What a stupid scoring system. There the Fan goes again railing against the system.

Like everyone else, this Fan is stoked for Tuesday when Strasburg and Mike Stanton make their debuts. Until then, we have nine games on Monday to consider:

- The Cubs over the Pirates: A lot going on in this game. First, the out-of-his-mind Carlos Silva is pitching. Secondly, Eveland, fresh off of the Blue Jays' scrap heap starts for Pirates and lastly, the Pirates have beat up on the Cubs for most of the year. Going with Silva.
- The Phillies over the Padres: Cole Hamels versus LeBlanc makes this a scary pick.
- The Red Sox over the Indians: Dice-K versus Carmona. It will be close but the Red Sox have too many weapons.
- The Reds over the Giants: Going with the Reds at home with Cueto over Zito.
- The Mariners over the Rangers: Losing Cruz was a blow. Now Hamilton is out with sore knees. That will help Cliff Lee.
- The Astros over the Rockies: Wandy finally got it together in his last outing. Betting he can carry it over.
- The Diamondbacks over the Braves: Think the D-backs will hit Lowe and that Haran will be very good for them today.
- The Athletics over the Angels: Like Ben Sheets better here than Scott Kazmir.

And the Game of the Day:

- The Dodgers over the Cardinals: Two young and inexperienced pitchers going but will take the Dodgers at home who have been red hot.

Yesterday: 9-6
Week: 9-6
Month: 53-30
Season: 470-361
Games of the Day: 25-26

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