Monday, July 05, 2010

Biggest All Star Slights

The All Star rosters were announced yesterday and only two more picks are outstanding. The fans get to pick one more guy from each league. But to this point, as there always is, there were several injustices done to players who are performing worthy of an All Star nod. Joey Votto is the biggest one. But he still has a chance to make it with the fan voting. It should have to come to that.

First of all, Joey Votto should have been voted in ahead of Albert Pujols. Sure everyone knows Pujols and his Hall of Fame resume. But Votto has out played him this year. He leads the NL in OPS and OPS+. Not Pujols. It's a snub of major proportions. Then Charlie Manuel picks his guy, Ryan Howard, who isn't even close to Votto in stats. Terrible. And so Votto has to rely on the fans pick to get in. Want to bet he doesn't get picked?

The same is true for Kevin Youkilis. He is fourth in the AL in OPS. Without him, the Red Sox are totally toast. But he gets no love in the All Star department. While it's true that this Fan really dislikes Youkilis, he deserves to be in the game. He has a better chance to be voted in by the fans as he is one of the five the fans can vote for. But still. A-Rod is a HOFer, but Youkilis should have gotten in and not A-Rod.

Matt Latos should be in the All Star game and not Lincecum. Lincecum has not been his usual self and Latos has been amazing. Even more amazing, not one pitcher from the Padres made it to the All Star game. How can that happen when the Padres lead the National League in wins and the Padres lead all of baseball in ERA and bullpen ERA? Astounding.

Brennan Boesch should have been voted in. He is batting over .340 and has a slugging percentage over .600. How could he be slighted?

Miguel Olivo has been the best catcher in the National League this year. But Yadier Molina gets all the fan attention and then Brian McCann gets the reserve nod. This Fan doesn't have a problem with McCann on the team, but Olivo should be there instead of Molina.

How could Matt Capps get the All Star nod over Billy Wagner? It's not like the Nationals needed a representative. Zimmerman, who should be starting at third instead of Wright, was already selected. Capps gives up more hits than innings pitched. His saves are an adventure. Wagner is in his retirement year and is still the elite closer in the NL.

Felix Hernandez has better stats in every category than C. C. Sabathia. And yet he doesn't make the team. If C. C. can't go because of the Sunday rule, then Girardi shouldn't pick Pettitte, he should pick Hernandez.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I voted for Youk and Votto for the last roster spots.

I've changed my mind on Molina. I thought he would pick it up, but he hasn't. Olivo deserves it.

Latos is definitely deserving. I think it is a travesty that Felix Hernandez and Jered Weaver didn't make it.

This rule where every team needs one representative needs to go. Michael Bourn? Are you kidding me?