Thursday, July 08, 2010

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

This space is devoted to being a Fan. As such, there can be some strong opinions from time to time. That's what fans do. And most fans have a couple of favorite whipping boys. This Fan has a couple as well. Lou Piniella is obviously one of them. Another favorite whipping boy has been Kyle Farnsworth. But the Fan has to come clean and accept that Mr. Farnsworth--who apparently you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley--has been terrific this season.

Farnsworth is quietly posting his best ERA (1.98) and ERA+ (212) of his career. He's also compiled his lowest WHIP since 2005. Up until Wednesday night, his strikeout rate and his K/BB ratio have been much lower than his standards for his career, but that's okay if he's been effective. But Wednesday night he was downright overpowering as he struck out the side in one hitless inning to pick up his fifth Hold of the season.

With only half the season in the books, Farnsworth has already matched last year's innings pitched which means his manager has more confidence putting Farnsworth out there. Farnsworth is pitching in meaningful games and even has a 2-0 record. Most importantly, his home run per nine innings is at 0.5 so he is doing a much better job not giving up the big fly.

Hey, it's only fair that when a guy gets blasted in this space over and over to give him his due when he performs well. Farnsworth has been very good this year and that fact should be noted.

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Josh Borenstein said...

Farnsworth will fall apart at some point, IMO. No way he keeps this up.