Saturday, July 10, 2010

Buying and Selling

The Rangers have rung the opening bell on the trade season with Cliff Lee. What comes next? The answer to that question has much to do with finances as it has to do with available talent. More teams are not protecting their prospects as assets and there is less inclination to sacrifice them for a quick fix. The Rangers could sacrifice a few of those assets as they have more on the way. We'll see how that turns out. But what will the other contenders do?

  • The Yankees: The Yankees need relief help and a bat off the bench. Thames isn't the answer there. For relief, they could use a lefty. Biemel maybe? Don't expect the Yankees to make any major move though.
  • The Red Sox: The Red Sox may just let things play out and cut their losses for this season. They might not be willing to cut their best prospects for what might already be a season too far out of reach. Beckett will be back soon so they don't really need a starter. Pedroia will probably be back in a month, so they will wait. They already went out and got Cash to catch.
  • The Bay Rays: It would be hard to see them make any trades such as Carl Crawford as he is a big part of their offense. They could simply let him walk after the season and get the draft picks. B. J. Upton might tease some teams for a quality set up guy.
  • The Twins: The Twins are notoriously non-movers during the trade season. They could use a third baseman but it would be surprising to see them as that active.
  • The Tigers: The Tigers need catching help. Buck would be a good option from Toronto. Some insurance for Inge might be good too.
  • The White Sox: Kenny Williams is always a wild card in these times of the year. Usually he strikes often and early. He's been strangely quiet. The White Sox resurgence in the race complicates things.
  • The Angels: The Angels might just capitulate this season. They are too old and need pitching in the worst way. They have little leverage so it's hard to see them making moves. Don't be surprised if they get in the Carl Crawford sweepstakes after the season. They need to get younger.
  • The Braves: The Braves always have money trouble and can't take on salaries. They could use some bullpen help and another option at first base. Getting Heyward back would help a lot.
  • The Phillies: They need to get their own guys back. They need relief help. For some reason, though, the Fan feels that they might just let the season play out and work towards next year.
  • The Mets: The Mets have to think long and hard whether they are really a factor in the race this season. They are five back now and going backwards. They get Beltran back after the break. They desperately need a starter and a stud for the bullpen.
  • The Cardinals: The Cards need a starting pitcher but who? Oswalt? Can't see that happening. Can't see them standing pat either as they just aren't good enough right now.
  • The Reds: The Reds could use one more bat and seem to be a starter short themselves. They haven't been in this position in a while. How will they handle it?
  • The Dodgers: The Dodgers will be in play for Oswalt, but do they have enough prospects or money to get him? The Fan can see them trading Manny to someone who needs a bat if it will get them something they need.
  • The Padres: Speaking of someone who needs a bat...or three...They have depth in the bullpen they can offer perhaps.
  • The Giants: Don't think the Giants will be active. They signed Burrell and would seem likely to stand pat.
  • The Rockies: Could use some bullpen help but again, the Fan can't see them being overly engaged in any big trades.

It will be interesting to watch for the next three weeks to see what teams fall, what teams give up and what marginal contenders would sacrifice to give themselves a shot for the ring.

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Josh Borenstein said...

"The Giants: Don't think the Giants will be active. They signed Burrell and would seem likely to stand pat."

Nice word play, sir.