Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Manny Loses the Fan

It's time to admit that the years spent defending Manny Ramirez were a waste of energy as much as it was a waste of energy for Manny to pinch hit in a game the Dodgers really needed and in a spot where he really could have made a difference. Even the Fan isn't gullible enough to believe that Manny didn't do that on purpose. Please. So yeah, the Dodgers did what they had to do. He crossed the line just like he has on so many other occasions. The Dodgers couldn't let the White Sox have him fast enough after that.

The Fan has blindly defended Manny Ramirez for all these years. He's entertained this writer like few other players in major league history. But Manny has a character flaw and the Fan tried to overlook it...defend it...laugh at it. It's not funny anymore. The character flaw is obvious. Manny Ramirez has little if any integrity. And if you knew the Fan, you'd know how important that character trait is. Integrity is probably the only thing in life we have complete control over. It's one of our few true freedoms, the choice to be a decent human being and to put others before yourself. Manny Ramirez has twice now (that we know of) chosen to not be a decent guy and not put others before himself.

So yeah, Manny will go to Chicago and get a few big hits for the White Sox. Only, this time the Fan won't care. This time, the Fan won't smile. Joe Torre is one man the Fan respects more highly than others he has rooted for in this life. The most telling thing about Sunday's swan song for Manny is that after he got himself kicked out of the game after one pitch, Torre did not even encounter the umpire. Torre never even left his seat. That speaks volumes, doesn't it?

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