Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Can We Agree That Toronto Can Hit a Little Bit?

The Blue Jays of Toronto can flat out murder you if you aren't careful. Just ask the front running Yankees and the second place Tampa Bay Rays. The Blue Jays, who lead the majors in homers and are second in the AL in slugging and third in the league in doubles, have two unbelievable innings against those two front running teams. Back on August 2, the Blue Jays scored seven runs in the fifth inning against the Yankees that included an amazing six doubles in the inning. Travis Snider hit two of them in the same inning. Unusual? Not for the Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays outdid themselves on the last day of the same month against Jeff Niemann and Lance Cormier. This time it was the seventh inning instead of the fifth and the Blue Jays sent sixteen men to the plate and only three of them (naturally) made an out. They scored ten runs. They hit four doubles. two homers and three singles. Here is how the inning went:

  • Freddie Lewis bunted for a single and then stole second.
  • Dewayne Wise singled and Lewis scored. Wise then stole second.
  • That must have rattled Niemann because he then plunked Bautista with a pitch.
  • Vernon Wells doubled and Wise and Bautista both scored.
  • Adam Lind doubled and Wells scored.
  • Buck doubled and Lind scored. That was it for Niemann. Cormier came in to put gas on the fire.
  • Aaron Hill greeted Cormier with a homer and both he and Buck scored.
  • Travis Snider struck out. BOO! HISS!
  • John McDonald walked.
  • Freddie Lewis fouled out. He batted .500 for the inning.
  • Dewayne Wise singled. He was 2 for 2 in the inning with two singles and two runs scored because...
  • Jose Bautista homered scoring Wise, Lewis and himself, of course. It was Bautista's 43 of the season and he now has 103 ribbies.
  • Vernon Wells doubled! That tied Travis Snider's feat with his second double of the inning. That has to tie a record? Couldn't find out if it did or not. But since only two men in history have ever had three hits in an inning (Johnny Damon is one of them), it has to tie a record.
  • Adam Lind flied out to end the inning.

What an inning! The Jays had 16 total bases in the inning. Plus they had walk and a HBP.

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Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Best. Inning. Ever.