Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sale: A Cool Story That is Under the Radar

Chris Sale was just a college kid when this MLB season started. He finished his college career with little-hyped, Florida Gulf Coast University, with an 11-0 record. And so it was a good bet the kid would get drafted and he did in the first round by the Chicago White Sox. He signed rather quickly (as those things go) and went to the minor leagues. But just two months later, he was in the major leagues.

And so Chris Sale became the first 2010 draftee to make it to the big leagues. And he's proved that he belongs. He's pitched in ten games and has been a life saver for the White Sox whose injury-depleted bullpen needed a major lift, especially with the injury to Thornton, the White Sox All Star reliever.

Sale has pitched in ten games and now has ten innings under his belt. The Fan knows that is a small sample size. But he's struck out sixteen batters and has only allowed one run and five hits. His only problem currently is his walk rate. He's walked seven in his ten innings, but he showed good control in college and in the Cape Cod League last summer.

It's just a cool story going from college kid to the majors in the span of just a few months. It's storybook really. If he was starting, it would probably have received more fanfare. But even so, it's a fun story and just another reason why baseball is such a fun adventure year in and year out.

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Josh Borenstein said...

He's got electric stuff. But his arm slot is a little strange. Could lead to some injuries.